Little rays of sunshine - new artwork

Its a great feeling when you finish a painting that's been sitting round for a while, admittedly this one hasn't been sitting round as long as usual but I have been putting it off for a few weeks! Just completed it now, I don't think the paint has even dried properly.

Little rays of sunshine
610 x 450mm
$420 NZD (excl. postage/packaging)

My latest painting

Colouring inside the lines II
approx 450 x 450 mm (1 canvas)
Acrylic on canvas
Ready to hang
$300 NZD (excl postage/packaging)

If you wish to purchase this piece, or enquire about getting one done in colours that suit your home please email me

Kiwi Artists Part 3 - Tash Shackleton

Painter, drawer, cartoonist, illustrator.

New Zealand artist Natasha Shackleton has been passionate about art and creativity her entire life, excelling in artistic fields for as long as she can remember. Her artworks can be found brightening up homes and offices throughout New Zealand and the world. Her artistic diversity means she can work from nearly any medium from acrylic paint to photorealism style coloured pencil drawings, any subject from landscapes to vehicles and many styles from cartoon to realism.

Most recognized for her "Moonlight Bay" series, distinctive kiwiana, and realistic portrait, her artworks are recognizable for her use of vivid colour, dynamic tones, lighting and strong contrasts
(profile stolen from her website ;p)

I have 3 pieces of Tash's pieces
  One of the Moonlight Bay Series by Tash Shackleton

I can't remember if I purchased or swapped this piece, but I know that I ended up getting one commissioned for my mother in the same style.

Adam and Eve by Tash Shackleton
I won one of these peices in an NZ Art Guild swap but just couldn't separate the pair as they work really well together so purchased the second one.

I still have to get one of Tash's kiwiana series - just love those native birds!
You can check them out on her website

Tash also has her own tattoo business based in Oamaru - Negative Space Tattoo
Her paintings are often available direct on TradeMe 

Kiwi Artists Part 2 - Philina den Dulk

More art from my walls...

I've known Philina for about 5 years, we first met when I purchased this first piece off of her. At the time she was living just out of Dunedin. I remember her telling me this piece was inspired by a stained glass door they had in the house they were living in.

 "Believe in me" by Philina den Dulk

Phillina is now a full time artist based in Balclutha, she exhibits regularly around New Zealand and can occasionally be found selling pieces on TradeMe 

Her styles have evolved somewhat over the years, however highly textured acrylic works feature prominantly throughout the evolution of her art.
I particularly love her poppies (featured below)

You can check out on her website

Poppies by Philina den Dulk
I was lucky enough to be gifted this piece when I helped her out at her last exhibition here in town. 

Artist Trading Cards (ATCs)

Recently I was involved in a couple of ATC swaps.

ATCs are small works of art  2 ½” x 3 ½” (the same as a regular playing card) which are to be exchanged only and not sold.

This was the first time I'd made ATCs and I forgot to take images of my peices before I sent them. (Denita Tizard received one of my pieces which you can view on her blog post)

The first swap was organised by Collette Fergus via a Facebook Group
We each sent in 4 cards and 4 random cards were sent back to us - here are the amazing pieces that I received:

 Top L - Original Painting by Noleen Sommerville
Top R - Artwork by Gerda Smit
Bottom L - "Souldance #02" by Beate Minderjahn
Bottom R - "Cheesey Kitty" by Collette Fergus

The second was an individual swap

"The Dancer" by Erika Husselmann

I definately want to do more of these, they are so much fun. I'm planning on framing them up (I'm not sure how yet) when I get some $!

Introducing Kiwi Artists - Part 1 Zoe Cromwell

As I'm not painting or creating as much as I would like at the moment (due to an increasing work load), I've decided to keep up with semi-regular blog posts by introducing some talented kiwi artists. I'm going to start with those whos amazing work adornes the walls of my house. There are a few of them ;p I'm fast running out of wall space - but that's the benefits of owning your own home, I can just put another nail in the wall!

Most of the pieces I have, have been collected in artswaps but there is the odd one that I have purchased. The first piece I ever owned I purchased off TradeMe back in 2004 for some rediculously low sum. It started it all and was the inspiration behind me begining to list and sell my own work on the same site. It is still one of my favourite pieces and sits proudly in my hallway.

"Under the surface" by Zoe Cromwell

One of the things I love about this peice is the texture. Unfortunately it doesn't show so well in the photo, but I assure you its there. The detailing on the shells is amazing and Zoe's use of colour and underpainting is delightful. I have never felt such a strong attraction to a piece as I did when I first saw this work, it was on that I just absolutely had to have.

Zoe has been quiet on the art sceen in recent years but you can check out her work on her website .

Sewing mission: a day of creation - New tiny bearish things available

Today I took a break from study and work and got out the sewing machine. A whole bunch of new tiny bearish things are now available.


Tiny Bearish Things
8-12cm tall (excluding ears)
$10 NZD each
Postage with NZ $4.50 for 1 or 2 bears, free when you purchase 3 or more
Overseas postage available, please enquire for price