Latest artworks

The latest 2 pieces...

 "Light fantastic"
300 x 300mm
Not for sale

And now for something a bit different - still sticking with the stripes (its seems its what I do best) but I'm putting a new spin on them.

"Purple rays"
400 x 510 mm

Pencil portraits

Due to the fact that I'm a poor student, I've taken to making gifts for people. In the last few weeks I've done a couple of drawings. The first of which (shown below) is of my wee niece Carley, done in graphite pencil on watercolour paper for my father's birthday.


The other drawing hasn't reached it's intended recipient yet so it will be unveiled at a later date.

I am available for commissions. Please contact me via email to discuss

NZ Art Guild Art Swap 2010

Every year for the NZ Art Guild I organise an art swap (not unlike the personal ones I talked about a couple of posts ago - this is on a larger scale however). Basically what happens is I put the call out for interested members to submit an artwork (or 2) that they would like to swap. Once I have all the entries in members get to select their top 5 choices and I try to match everyone up with an artwork (unfortunately not everyone gets their first choice but I do try my hardest!)

This year I put in 2 pieces so got 2 pieces back - this is the first of them:

Applelicious - Jo Mallinger

I was totally blown away by this painting when it arrived! Absolutely gorgeous!!! (Thanks Jo) Its been on my walls for almost 2 weeks now and it still makes me stop and look at it every time I walk into the hallway.  

The other piece I am still waiting for (as its currently being exhibited) - it is another peice by Cath Sheard which complements the one I swapped with her a few months ago (see my earlier post) - I am really looking forward to having a pair of pears ;p

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