The joys of art swaps - giving and receiving art

After a very successful exhibition (Pocket Rockets - held here in Dunedin, which I organised and curated) I was lucky enough that 3 very talented artists agreed to do an art swap with me. I love art swaps! As a student I have very little money for anything other than the bare essentials of life - these swaps feel like little treats/rewards to myself. I give one of my pieces and get something new and exciting in return.

I am so totally in love with my newly aquired art that I just had to share with everyone!!!

The first piece is by a very talented artist/friend Cath Sheard - I've known Cath through the NZ Art Guild for probably 5+ years and we've shared many an email and discussion and I have watched her art grow from strength to strength. Earlier this year we were both exhibiting in a show in Invercargill. I was lucky enough to travel down for the opening and there hanging upstairs was one of Cath's pear series - I fell in love with it!!! It was a bit larger than the one below but just as exciting - I've been secretly hoping for one of these beauties since then and now I am fortunate enough to have my own :)

"Bleu poire" by Cath Sheard

Isla Osborne is a talented glass artist. For the exhibition she produced a series of small (180 x 180mm) framed fused glass and copper pieces. They were a definate talking point for all that came into the exhibition - everyone (including me) loved the way she had pushed the boundaries of what people have come to associate as glass art. There is an innocence and child-like quality with these pieces which I find endearing yet you can see the time and effort that was spent hand crafting each individual piece.

"On the road again" by Isla Osborne

I'm not a big jewellery wearer and it's not often I find a piece that I just have to have - let alone a whole collection! But that is what happened when the box of Holly Budge's jewellery turned up on my doorstep. If I'd been able to afford it I would have purchased 1/2 of the peices she sent for the exhibition!!! 4 of those pieces that I loved sold (I would have been surprised if they hadn't!) fortunately one of the slinky bracelets she sent didn't and I have been wearing it ever since she agreed to the swap!

"Full moon slinky bracelet" of the Spirit Midas collection by Holly Budge

I'm just hoping that all these talented ladies enjoy my pieces as much as I enjoy theirs. The NZ Art Guild has an annual art swap which I look foward to organising again - this years one is coming up at the end of next month - I will certainly be entering something again this year and I can't wait for my next artistic treat!!!