SNEAK PEAK - New Jewellery range!!!

I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front recently - I've been working hard on my thesis (which is nearing completion WOOHOO!!!). I have also managed to find time to start working on something a wee bit different - a jewellery line featuring glass bottles filled with paint. Beginning with some cute as earings! There will also be pendants/necklaces - I'm just waiting for the paint to dry!

Here are the first 3 from the collection:

 earings pair #1
size of jar + cork approx 20-25mm high, 9mm wide
stirling silver hooks
Available via my ETSY store

earings pair #2
size of jar + cork approx 20-25mm high, 9mm wide
will have stirling silver hooks
 (just awaiting new stocks to arrive)
To purchase contact me

cell phone charm #1
size of jar + cork approx 20-25mm high, 9mm wide
To purchase contact me

Remember - I'm giving away one of my creations via facebook! To be in the draw go to my facebook fanpage: - click the LIKE button. When I get to 100 likers I'll put all the names into the draw for something fabulous (to be arranged between the winner and myself)!

Kiwi Artists Part 4 - Sophia Elise

Sophia manages the NZ Art Guild, is involved with various community groups and art boards.
Her bright, bold, acrlyic abstracts have been exibited throughout NZ and overseas.

There are not many people in the world like Sophia, she is a dedicated, hardworking, talented, honest and loving person and one of my best friends in the world.

"Autumn Windows" by Sophia Elise

I have a couple of her pieces, although only 1 is technically on my wall (picuted above) - the other is on my desk at Uni, where is sits amoungst all my inspirational pictures to help motivate me to write my thesis. I don't have a photo of the latter as I keep forgetting to take my camera with me in the mornings, but it is similar to the first image below (only smaller)

"Radiate" by Sophia Elise 

"Journey of Life" by Sophia Elise