This Weeks Happenings

Yesterday I attended a meeting for the Pikao Recovery Group. I've been involved with this group for 5 years. I've decided to work on a series based on this beautiful plant and it's environment. For more information about the group and the plant click here

This week I also hung 3 pieces in the Otago Polytech Massage Therapy Clinic and picked up all my work from a craft shop in Port Chalmers (just out of Dunedin city) which I have decided to sell off cheaply on TradeMe to help fund Art School (which is turning into a rather expensive exercise!!!), I am also including any work that I have sitting round the house and the stuff that came back from Cafe Oasis in Cambridge when I rotated my stock in there 3 weeks ago or so.

I have decided to enter the 2008 Otago Wildlife Photography Competition which is open to all Otago residents who aren't considered professional photographers, which I'm certainly NOT!!! I developed my first 2 rolls of film in class this week and produced a series of photos which I'm actually quite proud of. If I could get the scanner up and running I'd already have them on the computer but alas... I have too many other things to do to worry about sorting it out right now. They will come at some stage I promise.

Now to go do my homework for the weekend - and there is a bit of it!!!! I don't think I'll be going anywhere today or tomorrow - which is just as well cos the weather has finally packed it in (my garden badly needed it)

Return to the real world

After 3 weeks frolicking in the North Island I returned to Dunedin and got straight into art school. 1 week down and I'm starting to wonder what the hell I have gotten myself in for!!!!

I'm really excited about my studio papers - the first being Photography (although I didn't develop my first film properly, oh well, I know what NOT to do next time!) - and life drawing (which I've done before) starts next week, that should be good but the rest I could do without! Art Theory/History is a joke - we got a lecture on Modernity and Modernism yet not 1 piece of art they showed us was from that artistic movement - go figure!!! And I haven't decided about Digital Literacy just yet.

We shall see if it improves....