Photo Of The Day - Day 17

Number 17 - 1st Nov 2008

It was a crafty day today - since the last lot were made for Starship Hospital as a fundraiser I was making more xmas decorations (today's image is of some of the ones I finished off today), this time for the trees of my friends and family (and mine if I decide to be christmasy this year).

Exhibition - NOW ON!

The City of Dunedin Art Awards kicked off last night. There is some absolutely AMAZING art! I was lucky enough to have one of my pieces selected (along with 3 of my fellow NZ Art Guild members - Marimba Powley, Janet Marshall and Jane Santos ).

The Exhibition is on for the month of November at the Otago Art Society, First Floor, Dunedin Railway Station, Anzac Square, Dunedin

Please go check it out if you are in the area!!!

Photo Of The Day - Day 16


Number 16 - 31st Oct 2008

Last one for the month, hence the double edition - I spent most of today in a mad panic to get my essay for school done so there wasn't much time to be creative but I did play round with the camera settings, this one of Munta was taken using my macro lens and the movement setting. There are a series of 14 of these photos, these 2 were the ones I liked the most.

Photo Of The Day - Day 15

Number 15 - 30th Oct 2008

I couldn't fit my camera in my bag today - had to take all my essay stuff to school to try and get some of it done (which I managed to thank goodness!) so I had to take a picture of something when I got home. This is an image of one of my cacti collection - they are all doing really well this year, I've never had so many going to flower and the ones that usually do (like this one) are going over the top!!! It's already had about 10 flowers and there are another 16 buds yet to open :)

Photo Of The Day - Day 14

Number 14 - 29th Oct 2008

Here is the continuation of yesterday's image. This is what the apple looked like after it had been cast in aluminium, it's quite a labour intensive process! I haven't yet sanded it to make it all shiney and the second piece is still attached to the pour cup that needs to be cut off - it took too long for them to cool down for me to do them both today (since they are quite solid masses), hopefully I'll get round to all that next week.

Photo Of The Day - Day 13

Number 13 - 28th Oct 2008

Today I started my Bronze Casting elective. Today we prepped some wax so we could start making our moulds for our final bronze pieces, but we are also doing an aluminium cast tomorrow for which we were given blocks of polystyrene and told to carve something - I carved these 2 apples (one with a bite out of it). Can't wait to see how they look after they get cast tomorrow - exciting stuff :)

Photo Of The Day - Day 12

Number 12 - 27th Oct 2008

Another cat shot LOL! This time this one isn't one of mine. On the weekends I do a couple of hours gardening for a lady over the other side of town. Her cat had the right idea - taking full advantage of the sun! I just thought this would be a cute shot so I had to take it - turns out I was right :)

Photo Of The Day - Day 11

Number 11 - 26th Oct 2008

Another cat photo! This is Sophie, playing in the grass while I was outside enjoying the sun at lunchtime.

Photo Of The Day - Day 10

Number 10 - 25th Oct 2008

This is the view from my bedroom window today - What an absolutely miserable day! I'm stuck inside writing an essay (I suppose its good weather for that). I did however get good news - my work was accepted into the City of Dunedin Art Awards!!! YAY!!! got the acceptance letter in the mail this morning. So if you are in Dunedin between the 1st and 30th of November drop by the Otago Art Society at the railway station and check out the exhibition!!! :)

Photo Of The Day - Day 9

Number 9 - 24th Oct 2008

Today I drove down to the Catlins with my friend Judith who's going to Stewart Island with me. We wanted to get some practice in before we do the North West Circuit, so we did the Catlins River walk. This is the first photo I took while we were on the track.

Photo Of The Day - Day 8

Number 8 - 23rd Oct 2008

Today I had my Ceramics Assessment. This photo is one of the pieces that I submitted.

Photo Of The Day - Day 7

Number 7 - 22nd Oct 2008

This is a photo of the gorgeous flowers of the Lilac Tree next to my clothesline. I was admiring it while hanging the washing out today and thought it would be a great subject for today's photo.

Photo Of The Day - Day 6

Number 6 - 21st Oct 2008

Today was another day at Polytech - I managed to finish my glazing for Ceramics, which means that the last of my stuff will go into the kiln tonight and be ready for presenting on Thursday... YAY another one down!!! The ceramics department sits right next to the Leith River, this picture is taken from a little foot bridge just up from my classroom, looking down the river towards the Otago Harbour.

Photo Of The Day - Day 5

Number 5 - 20th Oct 2008

This is Nargles, one of my cats. She was doing her best stalker impersonation yesterday when she followed me out to the vege garden to get silverbeet for tea. I caught her though!

Photo Of The Day - Day 4

Number 4 - 19th Oct 2008

Today I went for a walk with my mother around the streets near my house to get more photos of fences for my project. This isn't a fence - obviously - but it is the view from the other side of the hill I live on, looking down towards St Kilda beach in the distance.


I have now uploaded the paintings that have returned from Christchurch to my TradeMe account. These are well below gallery prices!!! Please check them out - artwork makes great christmas pressys!!!

If you don't have a TradeMe account you can email me if you are interested in purchasing one of my pieces (tanya_dann) :)

(prices are in NZD and DO NOT include postage. Overseas postage not available on some items)

Photo Of The Day - Day 3

Number 3 - 18th Oct 2008

Today my friend Judith and I went for a road trip to Naseby to collect my art that had been in Christchurch (thanks Shelly for bringing it down that far!!!!). Along the way I finally figured out what I am going to do for my Project Drawing assignment - good thing to, its due on Monday afternoon!!! It will involve photos of fences so every 5 mins or so on the way back I stopped to take images of random fences (I'm sure people going past wondered what the hell I was up to). This is my favourite shot of the day.

Photo Of The Day - Day 2

Number 2 - 17th Oct 2008

I managed to get out in the garden for all of 1/2 an hour today (I was meant to be inside doing one of my 4 assignments due next week - WHOOPS). These forget-me-nots are growing wild in amongst all the weeds and grass.

Photo Of The Day Challenge

I've set myself a challenge: to take at least 1 photo a day and load my favourite to my blog. I plan to do this till the end of the year and then see how I go it I'll carry it on. These images can be of anything - but have to reflect some part of my life that day and may or may not be edited or manipulated. N.B. The exception will be the 2 & 1/2 weeks in November where I'll be tramping on Stewart Island - I'll still take photos but I wont be anywhere near the computer or even have cell phone reception (OMG - How will I survive???) so will load them all when I return to civilisation.

So starting today here's number 1:

Number 1 - 16th Oct 2008

I went into class this morning to check on my work that had been in the kiln over night, this is a photo of my favourite piece - I wasn't expecting this finish, it was meant to be a brilliant blue - but I got a little excited when adding the glaze ingredients and went a little overboard with the Cobalt (Oops!) but its a happy mistake! I love the surface and the deep rich purple colour!

Handmade Xmas Decorations

I took a day off from work the other day (no school, house, art guild or other forms of work) to create and play and generally just have fun. Here's what I came up with... the latest xmas decorations that will be winging their way to the Starship Fundraiser ( These ones are made of bottlecaps and resin

As usual I've made a few extras as well so if you are interested in purchasing some of these decorations for your xmas tree email me - 3 pieces = $12 (NZD) plus postage

Huge Artwork Sale!!!

Last week our dear cat Fidget got attacked by a dog. Marcus and the wonderful team from vets @ st clair tried their very best to save her but unfortunately she didn't make it.

In order to help pay for the huge vet bill, I have opened up my private collection and all the paintings of mine that I was planning to keep are now for sale on Trade Me at prices well below even 1/2 of what I'd have them for sale for in a gallery.

Also by the end of the month I will have all the pieces back from the NZ Art Guild South Island members exhibition which will also be added to Trade Me at greatly reduced prices. Keep an eye out for these!

The last photo taken of Fidget

New Website!

I have a new website YAY! (the other one through artfind is no-longer available) I'm still working on getting all my photos loaded but I've started. You can either click the link on the right hand side of the screen or go to and type Tanya Dann into the search function and you'll find me :)