The gift that keeps on giving... pay it forward project

"Tanya" by Cheryl Irwin

I was extremely blessed the other day when I recieved the most wonderful artwork from one one my art friends. This painting was part of a pay it forward "project" that I got involved with on Facebook.

The artwork above was created specifically for me by the very talented Cheryl Irwin, which is part of her new "Astonishing Light Project". I love everything about this piece, somehow Cheryl has managed to capture me in this work without even having met me.

About the project:
"My art is my spiritual journey in many ways, as I am always seeking the gentle sweet balance of the moment, as I paint. I am painting spirit beings/goddesses/angels in a totally connected way for people who ask me. The energy feels so lovely to me and I want to share it, because we are all on a path to re-discover "the astonishing light" of our own beings. I will do a painting (oil on canvas, ready to hang) for anyone who asks me and I will ship it anywhere in the world. I am using the Buddhist system of "dana" as a model for my payment system, which matches my total belief that the universe will take care of me. You can ask me for a painting, and what I want in return is a note or email from you after you get it briefly telling me your thoughts about it – because I want the satisfaction of knowing my art has "connected" with you. Secondly I expect some monetary reward for the time and effort I put into it. I'll have a paypal button on my website and addresses etc. The amount is totally up to you and I am truly unattached to the specifics. My intention is to create a flow, of my energy out in the form of my artwork and energy back to me in the form of connections with people and money enough to carry on with this project."

Full details about The Astonishing Light Project and how to get your very own Angel can be found on Cheryl's website

Charity Art Auctions - Raising funds for Christchurch!!!

On Tuesday, February 22 at 12.51pm Christchurch, New Zealand suffered a severe 6.3 magnitude aftershock (following the 7.1 magnitude earthquake which rocked the city on September 4 last year). There have been multiple fatalities and major destruction of this beautiful city.

Katie Robinson from Pink Noise is hosting a series of art auctions via TradeMe to raise $ to help the people of Christchurch. I have donated one of my works to this cause, and Caley at Dawson and Hall Gallery (where the painting is currently on display) had kindly donated postage for this piece to the winner of this auction. TradeMe auctions are only available to those in NZ. If you aren't in New Zealand and would like to make a donation you can do so via the Red Cross website.

Artists wishing to donate work can visit:

"Jack" - graphite portrait

A4 graphite portrait
Not for sale

I do portraits on commission - if you are interested in having one done please email me tanya@nzartguild for prices and requirements.

Borderless Exhibition - opening Wednesday (Wellington, NZ)

Exhibition opening Wednesday!!!!

My artworks included in the exhibition:

1070 x 1070mm

380 x 760mm

510 x 410 mm

Work in progress - graphite portrait

Its taken a while but last night I finally started on the second of 3 portraits (the first of which is now framed and hanging on my wall until I take them all with me to Stewart Island next month to give them to the people they are of). The one is proving a little difficult as the image I'm working off is a little blurry, doesn't matter much for the shading but for the detail in the eyes and the mouth (both of which still need work) I'm having to apply a little artistic licence.

"Jack" - in progress

I hope to have this one finished tonight as well as a painting for my grandmother's birthday. Then there will just be 2 paintings and 1 portrait to be done by the end of the month...

New photographic prints - The Bumblebee Series

I've finally managed to find a minute to upload these - a new series of 4 photographs which make up my "Bumblebee Series". These can be purchased individually or as a set of 4. They are produced as limited edition 6x4" quality photoblocks and are $25 each (or $80 for the full set).
Please contact me for more information

Bumblebee Series #1

Bumblebee Series #2
Bumblebee Series #3
Bumblebee Series #4