Photo Of The Day - Day 66

Number 66 - 20th Dec 2008

I started Dog sitting today, this is Floyd, he's the first of 2 dogs that will be staying with me over the xmas holidays.

I will be taking a break from my photo of the day over the xmas holidays but will try to continue to add to my collection sometime early in the new year.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday break. Take Care and thankyou for viewing my blog.

Photo Of The Day - Day 65 - Photoblock Sample

Number 65 - 19th Dec 2008

I got the first of my photoblocks made today. This image is an example of the finish product - for details about sizes, prices and some of the available images please click on the title of this post. Ordering can be done by emailling me

Photo Of The Day - Day 64

Number 64 - 18th Dec 2008

This moth was hanging out in my bathroom. I tried playing round with the lenses but the lighting wasn't quite right to get the results that I wanted.

Photo Of The Day - Day 63 (Latest Artwork)

Number 63 - 17th Dec 2008

"Elemental Memory"
Acrylic and Gouache on handmade stretched canvas
200 x 800mm

Managed to get some painting in today - this is the second piece in my expressive series (the finished image of the first one is below.

Acrylic and Gouache on handmade stretched canvas
200 x 800mm

Photo Of The Day - Day 62

Number 62 - 16th Dec 2008

Got some gardening in today - well I pulled out the first lot of potatoes. This Euphorbia sits next to the container that had the potatoes in.

Photo Of The Day - Day 61

Number 61 - 15th Dec 2008

The kittens were chasing flys around the place - I captured one on the leaves of my bay tree.

Photo Of The Day - Day 60

Number 60 - 14th Dec 2008

Last night was mum's works xmas do - I got to attend as "partner" - purely so I could be sober driver. We went to the butterfly house at the Otago museum, it was amazing. This photo is of the flower arrangement that Mum brought home with her - the butterfly is artifical sadly, but very realisitc!

Photo Of The Day - Day 59

Number 59 - 13th Dec 2008

Mum arrived with an early xmas pressy for me today - this gorgeous rose "Si", its the smallest rose in the world with its flowers being about the size of an NZ 10c piece when fully open.

Photo Of The Day - Day 58

Number 58 - 12th Dec 2008

The Christmas tree went up today, it's just a tiny tree that sits in the large window box in my dining room. It didn't take long before the cats realised it was there either. This image is of my favourite ornament.

Photo Of The Day - Day 57

Number 57 - 11th Dec 2008

WORK IN PROGRESS. I'm trying something completely different with my work at the moment. I'm not sure where this is going but this is what I did last night. I usually start with at least a basic idea of what I'm going to paint but this time I approached the canvas completely blank and randomly picked up a tube of paint and just started. This is what has emerged but there are some things that bug me about it. I also painted it up the other way but when I looked at it this way up it really started to grow on me.

Photo Of The Day - Day 56


Number 56 - 10th Dec 2008

Photos of St Clair Beach Dunedin. I went to take photos for a series of beach images that I want to make into photographic print blocks. Unfortunately none of the photos really turned out the way I wanted them to, and the sand on the beach that normally sits in sand dunes had spread out along the beach making the level of sand higher than normal so the pylons that I love taking photos of that used to be alot taller than me were now all shorter than me. But I did get these shots which I kind of like.

Photo Of The Day - Day 55


Number 55 - 9th Dec 2008

I finished a painting late last night, I've had this peice on the go for the last 3 months as I've had very little time to paint. Today's images are of that piece. The artwork specifications are below and it is available for purchase - if you are interested in buying this artwork please email me ( This is the last of the retro stripes peices that I plan to do, unless you would like a commission, (in which case feel free to email me to discuss colours, size and price) as I am moving onto bigger and better things in 2009 with my art.

"Line Lines"
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
15 x 30" (380 x 760mm)

Photo Of The Day - Day 54

Number 54 - 8th Dec 2008

I really loved yesterday's photo so I went out and took another picture from the same garden. This time of a gorgeous red snapdragon.

Limited Edition Photographic Print Blocks For Sale

I have just started producing photographic prints blocks which can be hung (come with pre-drilled holes) or can stand on their own. For each image 3 sizes will be available and a limited number of each size will be produced. Each photo is numbered, signed and printed on Fuji Quality Archival Paper with a matt finish.

Size : # in Edition : Price
6x4" : 25 : $20
8x6" : 10 : $35
12x8" : 2 : $50

All prices are in NZD and exclude postage/packaging
Discount available for multiple purchases (conditions apply, please contact me to discuss)

Below are some of the photos available, more images will be released soon. For full range please refer to my website


Purple Fungi

Cat Nap

The Island


Pink Rhodo

Salmon Rhodo

Red Rhodo
Also available on request:
Mouse Pads ($40), Keyrings ($9), Mugs ($40), Coasters - glossy ($50) or silver ($60), Magnets - porcelain ($20) or clear ($10).

Photo Of The Day - Day 53

Number 53 - 7th Dec 2008

More gardening today, this time it was my gardening job. Just pulling weeds today, as usual, but I did get a payrise (YAY) and more hours per week over the summer (DOUBLE YAY). This Dahlia is actually in my garden - it's planted over Fidget's grave. When I planted it 2 less than 2 weeks ago it was a spidley little thing with 1 flower on it, now its more than doubled in size and is covered with buds and flowers. I love the beautiful richness of the flowers, they bring a smile to my face :)

Photo Of The Day - Day 52

Number 52 - 6th Dec 2008

Today was a beautiful day. I spent a large portion of the day outside weeding and cleaning up, feeding and watering all my pots. This photo is of the potatoes that I'm growing in one of my pots, this particular variety is 'Moonlight'. This is the first season I've tried this variety so I'm not sure what they are like but I have all my usual favourites planted this year to - I can't wait to dig them up for xmas! (I'm being good this year and leaving them alone, normally I get too impatient and dig them up too early)

Photo Of The Day - Day 51


Number 51 - 5th Dec 2008

Today I've been cleaning (surprise surprise) and while I was cleaning the windowsills I noticed that another of my cacti had finally flowered. I've had this particular variety for the last 10 years (although this is number 2 as the original one died on me) and I have never seen it flower so I was quite excited. There are still another 2 others that are just about ready to open and one of those I've also never seen before. I am a cacti/succulent nut, absolutely love them - they also don't die when I go away and my flatmate doesn't water them (unlike the seedlings in the vege garden)!

Great Christmas Gifts for Kids

Ok - here they are, all 18 of them (there are also 4 still available from previous batches). If you are interested in purchasing any of these wonderful wee creatures please email me

Photo Of The Day - Day 50

Number 50 - 4th Dec 2008

Today was spent creating more Bearish Things ready for Christmas. These new ones will be placed on TradeMe next week - perfect for those last minute christmas gifts! Images of individual bears will be added over the next couple of days. Please email me if you are interested in purchasing one!!! ($20 each + p&p - includes free giftwrapping for christmas)

Photo Of The Day - Day 49

Number 49 - 3rd Dec 2008

I was talking to someone yesterday about the amount of artwork I have in my house and they were really surprised when I said that I have enough to fill a small gallery but very little of it is my own work (other than my personal photographs which don't count) so today's image is of some of the smaller pieces that I have. These works are by the following artists: Zoe Cromwell (hanging), L-R Tanya McCabe, Tess Richie (textile work), Rachael Vincent, Sophia Elise, Shelly van Soest and Amanda Griffin. The ceramics piece on the left is my own work and was actually the subject of my first photo of the day, and the wooden mannequin is there just for aesthetics ;p

Photo Of The Day - Day 48

Number 48 - 2nd Dec 2008

Trying to be a arty today but the lighting wasn't quite right.