Ok.... Just breathe.....

Wow what a hectic couple of weeks!!!! Not alot done art wise for me, other than school stuff! Did manage to finally get my digital project completed. We had to create a video loop using adobe premier pro. My very basic video has been loaded to my art school blog - if anyone wants a look you can visit http://tanyadann-artschoolartblog.blogspot.com/ my editing could have used a little work, ok a LOT of work, but I've been so busy with Art Guild stuff and all my other classes. Maybe if I hadn't left it all till the last minute (as per usual).... hmmm, maybe next time.... Yeah Right... LOL!

Another Day ANOTHER Project...

The latest project I've started is handmade xmas decorations. These first ones are made with ping pong balls.

I'm making these to donate to a fundraising market stall that the Starship Foundation are going to have in November to raise money for new head cooling caps for the intensive care unit at Starship Children's hospital.

Some of my fellow NZ Art Guild Members will be joining me in this and anyone else who wishes to join in may do so - just flick me an email!

I've made a few extras as well so if you are interested in purchasing some of these xmas pudding decorations for your xmas tree email me - 6 pieces = $15 (NZD) plus postage

More Bearish Things

All the previous ones have new homes so here's the latest Bearish Things - including a new style...

(I have loads more cut out, just waiting for the sewing machine to get fixed!!! LOL)