Portraits/Wildlife drawings - the latest piece

"Wild New Zealand"
8 x 10" framed graphite portrait

I entered this piece into the Hope and Son Art Awards held at the Otago Art Society earlier this year where it sold on opening night. It is based on a photograph taken by my friend Rebecca Van Amber while we were tramping at Easter (I wasn't quick enough with my own camera).

My drawings are highly detailed and take many hours to complete (this one took almost 30 hours, over a series of 10 days). Since these drawings are so labour intensive I only do them as commissions or (like this one) for specific exhibitions. I prefer to work with single subjects, although I can fit between 3-5 subjects onto a page (depending on size). Prices start from $80NZD, and will depend on size, number of subjects, complexity and level of detail.

Email me if you are interested in a quote

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